Permits & Licenses

Permits are required in the Town of Cady.

The town is under St Croix County zoning- please contact them for zoning questions.

Building permits:  the building inspector (also issues building permits)for the Town of Cady is-

REM Inspecting LLC

1014 110th Avenue

Amery, WI 54001


Contact the clerk if you have any questions concerning permits.

Burning permits:  available online from DNR at- or from the Chairman, Treasurer or Clerk.  All residents are required to have a burning permit to burn.  If the fire department is called and you do not have a permit, you will be charged for the fire call – even for a small bonfire. (note you must call number on permit (1-800-281-3478) each time you burn to avoid paying if fire department is called)

Driveway permits:  Any type of new driveway needs a driveway permit.  There is a fee for the permit.  Contact the clerk for all driveway permits.

Fireworks permits are available from the Chairman.

Dog Licenses/Exotic Animal Licenses

All dogs must be licensed.  Licenses are available from the treasurer.  Contact the treasurer for the cost of the license.

Exotic animals must be licensed.  The town has an ordinance concerning exotic animals. Licenses are issued when the animal owner meets all of the criteria in the ordinance.

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