The Town of Cady is located in the south east corner of St. Croix County.  Dunn County is on the east border and Pierce County is on the south border.  It is a rural community with a mix of farm and wood lands.
The Town of Cady was formed at a county board meeting December 2, 1864 when it was voted to divide the townships of Eau Galle and all of the township 28 north of range 16 west, of the fourth principal meridian to form a new township known as Cady.
The election for organization of the town was held the first Tuesday in April 1870.  A post office was established near the center of the township in 1860 in section 16.  The first supervisors were William Holman, Charles Palmer and Mead Bailey.  (from the History of St Croix Valley, Volume two, written in 1909)
The Town Hall is located at 398 Highway 128, Wilson WI.
mailing address-  283 CTY RD NN,  Wilson  WI 540027
taxes/ treasurer- 2879 10th AVE, Spring Valley WI 54767

Town Officials Plan Commission
Chairman:  Mike Tully  651-334-7142 – Email
Supervisor: Bob Klanderman  715-698-2384
Supervisor:  Jim Mikla – 715-556-8816- Email
Treasurer: Carla Greiber  715-772-4570 towncady@gmail.com
Clerk: Shelly Ninneman  715-772-3474  cady@townofcady.com tax assessor- Kleven Property Assessment, LLC 715-529-1032 eric@klevenpropertyassessment.com
Chairman:  Ken Greiber  715-772-4570
Bob Klanderman  715-698-2384

Brian Wang  715-772-3186
Richard Benjamin 715-772-4899
Wayne Moga 715-772-3205

Town of Cady Hills
Town of Cady Countryside
Town of Cady Map

Town of Cady Map